POOR FAMILIES IN GAZA NEED YOUR HELP>>>www.lightgaza.org<<<<


Gaza is in crisis!! The residents of the Gaza Strip are resigned to their fate. Most have given up on the international community which, they complain, ignores their appeals for help.

Palestinians in Gaza are living in the dark, even shopping by candlelight and they face a further reduction in the number of hours when electricity will be supplied. Due to the closure of Rafah by the Egyptians fuel supplies are running our and so is electricity. The generating authority plans to cut distribution to 6 hours in order to make limited stocks of fuel go further.

Palestinian officials have warned that petrol stations will reduce their opening hours due to the shortage. The electricity supply schedule has also been amended so that most people will only get electricity for are few hours in every 24. For people who can afford them generators have been used to overcome the electricity problem but now even they will be in the dark as the fuel crisis means that that option will no longer be available.

Everyone will be using candles soon, even those who are not poor, but as we know, the poor are always suffer more. So please consider organising an event in your geographical area to raise donates and awareness for the “Light Gaza” campaign.

Since the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in a military coup in July, the army has increased the destruction of the tunnels on the Egyptian side of the border with Gaza on the pretext of “fighting against terrorism”. The tunnels have served as a lifeline to the besieged people of Gaza and their destruction has caused shortages of fuel and other essential goods. Gaza is now completely dependent on the limited amount of fuel allowed to enter by Israel. It’s not enough, they need our help, please donate, buy a light, save a life!!



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